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Ready to Make New Friends! Fourth Basic Air- Water Level

Fourth Basic Air- Water

Comment #1 , I term

As we have been reading through this past weeks, when you start classes it is very important to have friends to have fun.You play with them during recess, you share your food and games with them.

I want to know, how do you make new friends? Please write three sentences describing a friend (use verb to have and to be).

These sentences must be typed as comments in this article, please include full name and English level.

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  1. First I have to ask his name and invite him to play. I describe you him with three sentences.

    My friend has black hair and black eyes.
    He is thin generous and playful.
    His name is Bruno Barrera.

  2. I play together with my new friend.

    1) Fiorella is beautiful.
    2) Fiorella has brown hair.
    3) Fiorella has brown eyes.

  3. Ivana has black hair and brown eyes.
    My friend Valentina is tall.
    Fabiana is friendly and has black hair.

  4. I have good friends.
    Good friends are like a team and help each other.
    I will never change my friends.

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  6. I have funny friends.
    Jorge and Gerson are my helpful friends.
    My friends are the best.

  7. I have many friends.
    Nabil ,Jorge and Juan Carlos are my best friend.
    Juan Carlos help me when I fall down.
    My friends are the best in the world!


Good job!