martes, 23 de octubre de 2012

4th Basic Year Simple Present vs Prenent Continuous

Do you like to play? So let`s have fun with this Snakes and ladders game. Click here to have a BLAST!!!

5th Basic Plural Nouns

Whenever we want to talk about more than one thing we should use plural nouns. Click in here and practice some irregular plurals.

viernes, 19 de octubre de 2012

4th Basic Year Cause and Effect

If you want to practice cause and effect, click here to become an expert!

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5th Basic Year III TERM IS HERE!!!!

We are starting a new Term so let´s see the contents we will learn together:

·         ENGLISH
·         Fox and Mole
·         Our Solar System
·         The Bull and the Earthworms
·         The Terrible Horrible Itch!

Reading Skills/
Reading Skills
Predicting-Reading Images
Skim/Scan for information
Reality and Fantasy
Fact and Opinion
Cause and Effect
Main Idea and Details
Literary Elements
Genre: Folktale—Non-fiction
Short Story Elements: Title-Author-Characters-Plot-Structure-Theme
-Plural Nouns: regular and irregular
-Simple Past Tense
-Tenses: present-past
-Capitalization and punctuation
-Future with Will
-Adjectives: comparatives and superlatives
-Making wish maps to write about wishes
-Writing a narrative paragraph
-Writing a paragraph to compare and contrast


Dear students you can find the contests for this new term here
·         ENGLISH
·         Our Amazing Earth
·         I Don´t Need an Umbrella
·         Jackie´s Gift
·         I´m Proud of My Past

Reading Skills/
Reading Skills
Predicting  KWL chart
Cause and Effect
Fact and Opinion
Literary Elements
Genre: Fiction - Nonfiction
Short story elements: title-author-setting-characters-plot
Author´s purpose

-Describing Words: Comparative and Superlative Adjectives
-ABC order
-Simple Past: was to refer to weather in past
-Simple Present
-Singular and plural nouns: regular/irregular
-Telling Time
-Writing in past: routines and ongoing actions
-Questions with How long?
-Writing a paragraph to compare and contrast
-Writing a paragraph to describe
-Writing an expository paragraph
-Writing to narrate
-Writing a biography

5th Basic Year Making Inference

Make inference about these two situations.Discuss them with your classmates. Go to this link

5Th Basic II Term

Para revisar los contenidos del trimestre hace click aqui

lunes, 15 de octubre de 2012

4th Basic Year Authors Purpose

Click here and do the author´s purpose activity.