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New Year, New Friends!!!- Fifth Basic -Air Level

Fifth Basic Year- Air level

Comment #1 , I Term

Welcome my Air students to this new academic year!!!

As we have been reading through the past couple of weeks, how important are friends, aren´t they?!!!

I would love to know more about you and a special friend you might have, so please pay ATTENTION...

Write a descriptive paragraph about your best friend. Remembre to write topic sentence, 3 supporting sentences and a closing sentence.

This paragraph must be written as a comment to this article. Write your full name and English level. Don´t forget to check spellig, capitalization and puctuation before you publish it. Enjoy your writing time, use your imagination!!!

7 comentarios:

  1. Sebastian Villagran
    5to. C

    Subject: Writing
    Topic: My Best Friend.

    Andres is my best friend. He always helps me with all my problems. We have lots of playdates and he always shares his toys and never complains. Andres always uses his imagination and makes play time awesome. I thank God I have a friend like him.

  2. Maisa is my best friend.She is very funny and we piay together and she likes basketball and volleyball as I do. She is smart and creative and she is a good person. In conclusion, Maisa is a good friend.

  3. This paragraph is about Melany.Melany is my best friend.We do everything together.In the recces time we play,eat and have fun.In the classroom we listen and follow instrustions.Finally we go to our houses.I love Melany.

  4. My best friend's name is Nicolas.He wears glasses.He is in 6st basic. He has millions of LEGOS.He loves to play soccer. I met Nicolas in USA.

    My best friend is Maria Sol. Maria Sol is a beautiful girl,She is intelligent, funny, She play with me at the park.
    She has brown hair, brown eyes, She is 9 years old like me.
    I love Maria Sol.

  6. Hello Miss Rebeca

    My Best Friend

    My best friend is Sebastian.He is playful.He likes to eat.He has a dog.He is a good student.We like to play together.

  7. Dayana is my best friend forever. She is good with me. She likes cats like me. She has cute dolls like me. In few words, she is my best friend.


Good job!