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Dear students these links might help you practice your simple past tense. GOOD LUCK and Enjoy them.




domingo, 3 de julio de 2011


We all know how important a family is. Sing, dance and have fun with this video. Then, write your descriptive paragraph about your family. Remember to write your full name at the beginning of your comment, check your spelling, capitalization and punctuation. Enjoy it!!!

Independent Reading 5th Basic Air Level

Dear students,I hope you´ll enjoy this story. Listen to it carefully and answer each question FULLY. Write your name at the beginning of your comment and check your spelling, punctuation and capitalization before sending it. Remember, only the best comments will be published. Do your best and have fun!!!


1. Where is Artur´s family planning to go on Saturday?
2. Where do you like to go with your family on weekends? Why?
3. Have you ever feel sick in school? When? What happened?
4. Did you like the end of the story?
5. How would you change the end of the story?

miércoles, 20 de abril de 2011

New Year, New Friends!!!- Fifth Basic -Air Level

Fifth Basic Year- Air level

Comment #1 , I Term

Welcome my Air students to this new academic year!!!

As we have been reading through the past couple of weeks, how important are friends, aren´t they?!!!

I would love to know more about you and a special friend you might have, so please pay ATTENTION...

Write a descriptive paragraph about your best friend. Remembre to write topic sentence, 3 supporting sentences and a closing sentence.

This paragraph must be written as a comment to this article. Write your full name and English level. Don´t forget to check spellig, capitalization and puctuation before you publish it. Enjoy your writing time, use your imagination!!!

Ready to Make New Friends! Fourth Basic Air- Water Level

Fourth Basic Air- Water

Comment #1 , I term

As we have been reading through this past weeks, when you start classes it is very important to have friends to have fun.You play with them during recess, you share your food and games with them.

I want to know, how do you make new friends? Please write three sentences describing a friend (use verb to have and to be).

These sentences must be typed as comments in this article, please include full name and English level.